Marshall Bowers

Conjurer of code. Devourer of art. Pursuer of æsthetics.

Working with Me

Conditions I like to work in

I thrive working remotely. I like to have my own space that I can be comfortable in.

I like to have music on when I'm working, especially when I'm in a flow state.

The times/hours I like to work

I very much run on a maker's schedule.

I'm pretty much always online and reachable, but prefer to keep my primary working hours (especially meetings) between 10am and 6pm ET.

The best ways to communicate with me

I really appreciate knowing the topic of conversations (especially 1:1) before then happen. Messages like "can we talk?" make me very anxious 😅

The ways I like to receive feedback

I don't like having unresolved tension. Even if a conversation might be difficult, I would prefer to have it face-to-face as soon as possible to get any issues resolved.

Things I need

Time for deep work. I love pairing and collaborating with folks, but I do my best work when I can go heads-down and enter flow.

Things I struggle with

I can sometimes have knee-jerk reactions to things. I'm at my best and most well-reasoned when I have time to process and mull over things before formulating a response.

Things I love

Getting to know my coworkers and hear them talk about what they are passionate about.

Other things to know about me

My Myers-Briggs types is INFJ and my Enneagram type is 4w3.