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New Year, New Site

Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Once again I have returned to my languishing website, this time a little later than usual. The beginning of each new year usually finds me coming back to breathe some life into my site. These spurts are often short-lived, and before long months have passed without any activity. I regret not spending enough time and energy on improving this space.

Part of the problem, I find, is that there is too much friction in maintaining a site. Writing is hard enough as it is without me having to juggle everything else that comes with maintaining a website as well. To that end, I decided to scrap it all and start fresh.

My site is now powered by Zola, a static site generator written in Rust. It is a single binary, which means barely anything to maintain. This is a breath of fresh air after dealing with npm packages for so long. Zola is also blazing fast, which is something that I value very much in my tools these days. This whole site, small as it is, gets generated in under 300ms.

I still use Now for hosting, because it's just so dead-simple to use. I will probably do a small write-up on how to get a Zola site up and running on Now, just in case there is anyone else out there looking for a no-hassle static site setup.

With the infrastructure concerns mostly out of the way, I hope that I can spend more time focusing on my writing.