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Joining Zed

Wednesday, December 13, 2023
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Today is my first (official) day at Zed Industries.

At Zed Industries we're building Zed: a high-performance and collaborative code editor for you and your team.

For the past twelve weeks I've been consulting at Zed Industries, assisting with the Herculean effort of rewriting Zed on top of GPUI2, the new and improved version of our UI framework.

When I first joined the project the muscle of GPUI2 was still forming on the skeleton, and the extent of its rendering capabilities was displaying some static, colored boxes and text in a window.

It's been awesome to see the progression from those humble beginnings to a full-blown editor that I can get work done in. On Monday we hit the major milestone of being able to hold our weekly all-hands meeting inside of a nightly build of Zed.

So far I've been having an absolute blast hacking on Zed with the rest of the team, and I'm looking forward to what we'll build in 2024.

A screenshot of some code in Zed Nightly.