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Rediscovering Creativity

Monday, March 1, 2021
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Three years ago I took a page out of Mike Winkelmann's book and started my own everydays project. For an entire year I produced and released a piece of art into the world each and every day.

This year of everydays was the most creative period of my life so far. The act of sitting down and creating every day spilled over into other areas. I ended up dabbling in music production as well, participating in WeeklyBeats 2018 and releasing a number of tracks.

Upon hitting the one year mark, I stopped doing my everydays. This led to a drop in my other creative outlets as well.

While there are certainly a number of factors that could contribute to this, I think that the loss of forcing myself to sit down and create for an hour or two a day played the biggest role in this.

In an attempt to rediscover and rekindle my creativity, I've started a new round of everydays. We'll see how the resumption of this activity affects other areas of my life.