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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Cohost is bringing back memories of Tumblr before it declined into a barren wasteland.

I went ahead and created a profile over there. Despite my recent disillusionment towards platforms in general, I still want to believe that maybe this one will be different.

The principles behind Cohost are certainly ones that I can get behind:

no ads, no tracking. forever.

cohost will never sell your data, sell ads, or sell the company to anyone who might change these policies to make a quick buck.

algorithm? what algorithm?

all your follows’ posts, in the order they were posted, in a timeline that goes vertically. clear and effective moderation done by humans.

here’s our whole business model.

for now, you can give us a few bucks a month to help us keep the lights on. soon we’ll let you take tips and sell subscriptions to help you keep the lights on too.

I'm looking forward to using it (once I get a posting invite link) and seeing how the experience is.

As always, my primary focus will be building out my own platform, on this site and beyond.

A banner when you reach the end of your Cohost timeline that reads "There are no posts to read. you're finally free"