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Life Without Limits

Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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Today I found myself doing some load testing on our API service at work. While the Artillery was shelling the service with traffic, I began thinking about the impact this barrage of requests might have on my home network's egress traffic.

This got me thinking about how my digital life has far too many limits.

I've written before about my desire for a means to archive content from across the internet. This requires storage space. Archiving textual content is probably manageable, but images will increase the storage requirements, let alone videos.

I could stand to do some preliminary research and napkin math on how much storage I would need in order to support my archival wants each year; will report back when this is done.

Before I become too mired in the realities of it all, the point I want to get across is that limits are tiresome.

After watching Limitless I became enamored with the idea of NZT-48. I flirted with the thought of going on nootropics, but never ended up doing so, in part because I knew that they couldn't come close in terms of offering the fiction of the drug from the film.

It may sound inane, but I still hold onto some hope that there's an approximation for the power fantasy sold by Limitless to be had in my lifetime. Maybe it's not a pill that you take to unlock your mind, but what if technology could afford you some of those same powers? I dream of a future where you have a digital archival and recall system at your fingertips, able to expand the capacities of your brain as if you were dosing NZT-48 each morning.