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2:15 am

How long do I have to endure this constant state of internal torment?

I feel my body and mind tearing themselves to pieces.

My desire for rest is acutely felt, but my mind refuses to release me to it.

I feel that life is passing me by and I am but a bystander, watching it all flit away before my very eyes.

I can’t bring myself to get out of bed in the mornings and face all that which feels immeasurably meaningless.

I constantly wonder if anyone else feels this way. Maybe everyone does. And if they do, what is the secret that they possess that allows them to overcome these feelings?

I wish there were someone who could understand what I’m going through and help me through it.

But maybe that person doesn’t exist.

Maybe it’s just me.

Ever me.

Only me.

Lonely me.

Why me?