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Starting Fresh

Do you ever just want to start fresh? Purge the cancer from your life that has just been eating away at you for as long as you can remember? A longing to remove the apathy towards everything and the lack of motivation to change?

A drastic and abrupt change. Waking up one morning and deciding that you're tired of living in a rut. You know you have to get out, and all that's needed is action.

You hop out of bed on the side opposite your usual. You wake up an hour early to see the sun as it crests over the trees rather than rotting in bed, anxiously hoping the beams don't cross your pillowcase.

You walk into the shower as it spurts frigid cold water onto your skin. The icy veins it sends through your system a relish compared to the warm complacency you are so used to bathing in.

Hair gets parted the opposite way. You style it up instead of down, showing off parts of your face that you forgot existed. Clothes are pulled on, fresh and laundered. If looks could kill everyone in existence would be dead. And how you used to wish they were. But not today. Because today the past is gone, and you're about to set forth in the spirit of not caring. Going out and not spending a second thinking about those around you.

This is all for you and you alone.

Tearing through your belongings you choose what matters most and leave the rest behind. It's drastic, but you tear down fixtures, smash your idols of old and leave them in heaping piles. The old is thrown into garbage bags, filled and knotted without a second thought. All that remains is what the new you requires.

People stare at you and wonder if you've gone completely mad. It is quite possible. But if this is madness then yesterday was the last day you will ever be sane again. This new bliss that envelops you is so refreshing, and the sensation only grows with each new change.

And at the end of it all you hope you'll be happy and content. The vices of yesterday are but a memory. A memory which will soon be thrown out, leaving no trace of the old self.